Center For Pulp and Paper


Center for Pulp and Paper (CPP) is a government research and development institution under the Agency for Research and Development of Industry, the Ministry of Industry. It was established in November 14, 1968, and since then CPP has a lot of operational experiences in providing research and development, standardization, consultancy, training, testing, certification and calibration. The center is located at Jl. Raya Dayeuhkolot no. 132 Bandung 40258. CPP started as a project namely Cellulose Research Institute (CRI). This project was an integration between Rayon and Cellulose Project and Rayon Pilot Project which was granted by the Federation Republic of Germany. Since 1979 CRI was changed to Institute for Research and Development of Cellulose Industries (IRDCLI). Finally, it has become Center for Pulp and Paper (CPP) since November 29, 2002.


To be an innovative R & D institution and professional technical service provider in the field of pulp, paper, cellulose derivatives, and the environment


  • Carry out innovative R & D in the field of pulp, paper, cellulose derivatives, and the environment
  • Provide professional technical services in the field of pulp, paper, cellulose derivatives,and the environment


The number of employees up to February 2018 in the Central Pulp and Paper is 90, with the composition and expertise as follows:

  • Raw material for pulp and paper
  • Chemical of pulp and paper
  • Pulping process and technology
  • Papermaking process and technology
  • Engineering and environmental sciences
  • Cellulose derivatives
  • Equipment for pulping and papermaking process
Technician / analysts:
  • Pulp and paper testing
  • Sampling of pulp and paper
  • Waste water and gas emission
  • Water treatment process
  • Preparation of raw material for pulping
  • Pulping and bleaching
  • Stock preparation
  • Rayon making
  • Pilot plant operation
Technicians / other functional:
  • Electrical
  • Statisticians
  • Computer operator
  • Librarian
  • Archivist
  • Auditor
Administrative and other support staff


To improve performance and assure customer satisfaction, CPP implements quality management system ISO 9001 which certified in September 2006 and recertified in 2009, 2012 and at last in 2015. This system is established as an implementation of integrated management system in CPP.


1. Research Laboratory
The laboratory consists of pulp, paper, cellulose derivatives and environment laboratories.
  • The pulp laboratory is equipped with : microscope, chips classifier, Wiley mill, autoclave, RDH digester, MK Circulating digester, pulp defiberizer, plate screen, pulp shredder, pulp washer, pulp press, glassware for Kappa number determination and analysis of cooking and bleaching chemicals, analysis of black liquor, bleaching equipments, handsheet former, PFI mill, Niagara and Valley beater, CSFand SR freeness tester, automatic sheet press, disc refiner, and fiber classifier.
  • The paper laboratory is equipped with hydropulper, handsheet former, deinking unit, Niagara and Valley beater, paper dryer, calendar, stock press, fiber classifier, disintegrator, refiner, proofer coater, CSF freeness tester.
  • The cellulose derivatives laboratory is equipped with apparatus for rayon viscose and fiber making.
  • The environment laboratory is equipped with apparatus for treatment such as moving bed bio-film reactor, activated sludge provided with selector system, anaerobic treatment and UASB (Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket)
2. Testing Laboratory
The laboratory has been accredited by National Accreditation Body/Committee. The equipments available in the laboratory are tensile tester, Elrepho, Hunter reflectometer, AOX-analyzer, Stereo microscope, tearing tester, bursting tester, IGT, cobb tester, porosity tester (Bendtsen and Gurley), Parker Print Surf, micrometer, abrassion tester, medium fluter, compression tester, Taber stiffness tester, formation tester, MIT folding tester, aging chamber, pH meter, GC, GC, MS, HPLC, AAS (Shimadzu and Perkin-Elmer), Spectrophotometer, TCLP, BOD, COD, and air emission tester.

3. Calibration Laboratory
The laboratory has been accredited by National Accreditation Body/Committee. The Laboratory is equipped with F-1 standard weight, mass standard for Instron and tearing tester, Dillon forge gauge, glass and digital thermometer, thermocouple, dial caliper, feeler gauge, standard ruler, spring steel, certified aluminum foil, standard brightness material (Plate and BaSO4 ), standard gloss, load cell, dead weight tester, gauge tester, and psychrometer, and standard Buffer.

4. Used-Beverage Carton Recycling Facilities
Central for Pulp and Paper has a Used-Beverage Carton Recycling Facilities with a capacity of 8 -10 tons of the product (oven dry) per month.

5. Business Incubator Facilities
For the development of small industries of paper, CPP also has a Business Incubator which is equipped with the art of papermaking equipment (handmade paper).

6. Library
Library CPP has a collection not less than 5000 books and scientific journals in the fields of pulp, paper, cellulose derivatives and the environment, and other related fields.


• Research and Development
Raw materials, additive, pulping and bleaching process, papermaking process, cellulose derivatives making process, and environment.
• Training
Pulp technology, paper technology, environment technology, cleaner production, biotechnology in pulp and paper area, instrumentation, process control, maintenance and calibration of testing equipments.
• Testing
Raw materials, pulp, paper and paper product and environment.
• Consultancy
Waste water treatment design, utilization of solid waste, monitoring of waste water, air and solid waste quality, water management, problem solving, conservation and energy audits, studies the feasibility of the establishment of pulp and paper mills.
• Calibration
Pulping and papermaking process equipment, pulp and paper product measuring instrument.
• Certification
Raw materials, additives, product and process.
• Standardization
Preparation of standard draft of products, test methods, and unit of competency.


  • Testing and calibration laboratory are accredited by National Accreditation Body (ISO 17025).
  • Pulp process and Testing Laboratories have been recognized by Econotech Ltd. Canada.
  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001) has been certified by MALQA.
  • CPP has been accredited as R&D institute from Komisi Nasional Akreditasi Pranata Penelitian dan Pengembangan (Pedoman KNAPPP 02:2007).
  • Cooperation with: SIDA-AIT (Sweden Thailand), UNIDO, US-AEP (USA), Klöckner (Tessag), JICA (Japan), TOHO-TOKUSHU PULP Co. Ltd (Japan), Econotech Services. Ltd. (Canada), NIMC (Japan), NIRE (Japan), NIEM-UNEP, AIST (Japan), AOTS (Japan), Tetra Pak (Sweden Indonesia), L& W (Swedia), Ecol Studio (Italia), Eco Pulp and Paper Sdn.Bhd (Malaysia), FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia), Uni Eropa, Sumitomo forestry Co. (Japan), Chungbuk National University (South Korea), Tianjin University of Science & Technology (China).